Thai Uni Net aims to be the ultimate and universal resource and guide for international students, educators, professionals, consultants, environmentalists and business minded folks alike.

Thai Uni Net is built on a triad model comprising three universes that incorporate the realms of Academia – Education, Lifestyle – Social, and Profesional – Business.

With its richness and abundance of culture, cuisine, character and capital opportunities, Thailand has been a popular destination for business travelers and tourists alike for quite some time.

With continued improvements and developments in infrastructure, economic stability, telecommunications, and technology over the decades, the country is no longer a hub for the common backpacker and holiday makers.

In addition to continuously increasing amount of Foreign Direct Investment, the health and education sectors of Thailand are expanding rapidly; scholars and students are coming in heaps as to build on and further develop their skill and knowledge base.

Indeed Thailand is a rich melting pot of knowledge, information, wisdom, intercultural communications and multi-lingual geo-ethnic and inter racial diversity.

For the realm of Academia, Thai Uni Net serves as a resource for foreign students who either have studied, are studying, or are planning to study at the secondary, undergraduate, and graduate level in the Kingdom of Thailand, with a scope encompassing both temporary, exchange programs and long term, full time programs.

Additionally, Thaiuni.net strives to increase inter-connectivity among academic circles within Thailand and the respective international networks spanning across the greater globe, providing a user friendly information platform.

As a foundational information platform, Thailand University network offers an intra-linked University information database page listing with respective study program information and listings.

Great Thinkers and Active Agents who would like to be a part of the greater Thai Uni Net vision are welcome and encouraged to contact us.

siamerican [at] siamerican.com

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